How many hours and days must I study ELICOS?
All students study 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. There are morning or afternoon classes.

Can I choose my class?
All students are tested at Orientation and classes are allocated based on their results. Students cannot choose morning or afternoon classes; however they are allocated according to the level of the student's results and the timetable. We always try to act on students requests, but it depends on the timetable.

Can I have holidays?
All students receive the Australian Public Holidays and after 12 weeks of study students may request a two week holiday. In this case the period of study is extended out.

Do I need to do class tests?
Each student sits a class test every 4 weeks so we can monitor your progress. When a student passes the class test they go up to the next class. Each level has 3 classes.

When can I join diploma or bachelor?
Students progressing to diploma or bachelor courses need to have successfully completed ELICOS. Upper Intermediate, English for Academic Purposes IELTS Preparation and Business English are all designed to academically guide you. A pre diploma or pre bachelor test is given to record your graduation into the next pathway at Holmes Institute.