The senior years of our secondary school programme can be best described as the 'business' end of the compulsory level of schooling in Australia. It lays the foundation and creates pathways to further study beyond Year 12 as students seek entry into diploma and degree courses or alternatively into the wider world of employment.

At Holmes Secondary College we are proud to offer this foundation through Year 11 & 12 assisting students to make choices that can take either a vocational or academic direction. Whatever the decision, graduating students at Year 12 can look forward to a Senior Secondary Government Certificate as they continue to forge their own personal journey.

 Holmes Secondary College - Teacher student interaction

So how do we do it?

At Holmes Secondary College we understand the needs of our students. In central city locations and in an environment that is energetic, vibrant and supported by a caring and friendly staff, we look to engage all students in their studies. With a curriculum underpinned by the study of English language you will be joining a school that values community and places the needs of all of its students at the very heart of its mission.

The Holmes secondary program is recognised by UNSW Foundation Studies at the University of New South Wales as satisfying the entry requirements for automatic progression to the Standard Plus program.