Holmes Secondary Scholarships



Holmes is proud to announce the awarding of four individual academic scholarships for students currently studying Year 12 VCE or Year 12 HSC, with two provided for both our Sydney and Melbourne campus.

These scholarships are awarded in recognition of students with the potential to excel at the Year 12 on the basis of ability and commitment to study. These students also aspire to the more traditional academic pathway looking to generate a university entrance in obtaining their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking). One intention of the school is to further develop a culture of academic excellence and a tradition of high achievers and the awarding of such scholarships is one way that this can be achieved. More information about the Scholarships and selection criteria can be found here.

It was great pleasure that I announce the recipients of the 2012 Holmes Secondary College Academic Scholarships. The most extraordinary aspect of this year's recipients is that they represent students from all over the world, including China, Vietnam, Russia and Iran, reflecting the multi cultural nature of Holmes Secondary College, something that we are duly proud of. Each one of these recipients is a wonderful example of students who have made a long term commitment to their study, each with their own individual goals. We are delighted that they have chosen Holmes Secondary College as part of their study pathway with each one seizing the opportunity afforded to them.


Mikhail Filipas (18) - Year 12 HSC - Sydney

Mikhail (Mike) is from Siberia, Russia, arriving here in March 2011. Mikhail studied the GCSE in England after first leaving Russia, but after some discussion with his parents, chose to undertake his senior secondary study in Sydney. By his own admission, Mikhail did not apply himself to a level equal to his potential and vowed to make amends by applying himself to the Higher School Certificate. Whilst still undecided about his choices for university, his long term plan is to acquire permanent residency, such is his growing love of this country. Mikhail rates the subject of ESL as his best, and his advice for others is to work consistently from start to finish. Mikhail lives here with his mother, who herself is also a student.


Amir Nazari (18) - Year 12 HSC - Sydney

Amir Nazari is 18 and hails from Shiraz, Iran.  Before leaving Iran, Amir completed his Year 11 study, but with his family, made the decision to come to Australia, for both his love of English and because of this countryâ??s reputation, its lifestyle and sense of freedom. Amir is driven by the desire to study the sciences at university, particularly Physics. He has been joined here for a period of time by his father, but is not certain about his long term status as a citizen in Australia. He rates both Mathematics and Physics as his best and most favourite subjects, and just like his good friend Mikhail, would advise all those yet to embark on Year 12 HSC to be consistent in their approach to study.


Thi Thu Thao Dinh (18) Year 12 VCE - Melbourne

Thi Thu Thao (Cindy) is from Danang, central Vietnam and first came to Australia in November 2010 to improve her English. She then became a product of the Holmes pathway, in that she completed 20 weeks of High School Preparation before joining Year 11 VCE. It was through this year that she proved herself to be a student with natural academic ability and excelled in all her subjects.  As a student now of Year 12 she aspires to move into the area of Finance & Banking on completion of her VCE and has already set some very clear goals in achieving the required ATAR. Whilst she has made no direct commitment, permanent residency would be something that she would enjoy.


Xu Zhao (19) Year 12 VCE - Melbourne

Xu Zhao (James) has proven himself to one of the most committed and talent students of the school, joining our High School Preparation programme in May 2010. He has then followed the natural pathway by joining the VCE programme and now finds himself deep in study at Year 12, including three different mathematics subjects. He was drawn to Australia by its reputation for a healthy and clean environment and would embrace the opportunity to become a permanent resident. Xu would like study engineering at university and has set his goals very high in wanting to achieve the ATAR required for such a course. Xu is from Jurong, Nanjing China, and has lived on his own here in Melbourne since he turned 18.

David Mustafa