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An undergraduate degree is an essential start to any career in the 21st Century. Employers are keen to engage graduates who can demonstrate a critical mode of thinking and the application necessary to act independently

Bachelor level study at Holmes Institute is modelled on university level studies and is accredited as such. A requirement of the accreditation of the Holmes Bachelor of Business is, in fact, that the programme be equivalent to a comparable degree at a university. Graduates of the Holmes Bachelor of Business are therefore educated to the same standard as a university.

The Holmes Bachelor of Business is derived from a comprehensive body of knowledge according to the Australian Qualifications Framework. Students are schooled in the methods of research and are expected to read widely in their chosen major. In this way, graduates gain the critical thinking skills necessary to excel in the working world.

As a provider of business education since 1963, Holmes is well aware of the value of skills in the workplace. The Holmes Bachelor of Business focuses on providing graduates with identified capabilities, allowing students to enter the workplace with a valuable skill set. These skills, such as advanced levels of business literacy and managerial competency, form an ideal complement to the academic body of knowledge covered in the programme.