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The following are a list of policies, guidelines and documents used within and by Holmes Institute.

Please note, these policies are subject to change and updated on the Holmes Institute website accordingly.


Academic Conduct and Integrity Policy and Procedures

Acceptable Use of Information Technology

Admission Requirements Policy and Procedures

Agent List

Agent Recruitment and Management Policy

Assessment and Marking Policy - Higher Education only

Assessment Feedback and Review Policy and Procedures - Higher Education only

Certificate Issuance Policy - VET only

Child Safe Policy & Code of Conduct – Secondary School Only

Code of Conduct

Complaints and Appeals

Course Development and Review Policy and Procedures

Critical Incident

Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation

Deferred Examinations Policy - Higher Education only

Examination Marking Procedures - Higher Education only

Graduation and Certification Documentation Policy

Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Industry Consultation Policy - VET only

Information for Intending Students

Management of U18 International Students Policy and Procedures

Marketing Policy and Procedures

Monitoring Course Progress Policy

Monitoring Course Progress Policy - VET only

Policy Framework

Policy Framework Procedures

Recognition of Prior learning Policy and Procedures

Refund Policy

Staff Engagement and Development Policy and Procedures - VET only

Staff Qualifications and Experience Policy and Procedures

Staff Training and Development Policy - Higher Education only

Student Conduct Policy

Student Enrolment Policy

Student Support Policy

Supplementary Assessment Procedure – VET students only

Supplementary Examinations Policy - Higher Education only

Training and Assessment Policy - VET only

Training Package Transition Policy and Procedures - VET only

Transfer and Release Policy and Procedures (Transfer Between Registered Providers)

Under 18 Handbook

Validation and Moderation Policy and Checklist - VET only

Work Based Training Policy and Procedure – VET students only

Work Placement Agreement – VET students only


Holmes Staff Responsible for Overseas Students Enrolments




Maree Brezzi

Principal Executive Officer

[email protected]

Alex Anderson

Director - International

[email protected]

Rob Relton

Campus Director - NSW

[email protected]

Terry Malone

Business Development

[email protected]

David Mustafa

Principal Secondary College

[email protected]

Eunyoung Robinson

Country Manager - Korea

[email protected]

Ittichai Supasin

Country Manager - Thailand

[email protected]

Sam Thomas

Country Manager - Japan/Taiwan

[email protected]