Higher Education

Message from the Chair of the Academic Board


We are determined to maintain the highest standards of university equivalence in all our courses.

We are a nationally and internationally recognized Institute for excellence in teaching business and related disciplines.

In addition, our contemporary courses are delivered in an international environment where students interact with one another and their faculty to gain the skills demanded by employers in a globalised business environment.

I would like to welcome you to Holmes Institute. For over thirty years, Holmes has offered courses at Diploma, Degree and Post-Graduate levels relevant to the needs of the business community. Put simply, it is our aim that, by the end of your study program, you will think like a business person. As a Business School, we are careful to select faculty who have both academic expertise but also industry experience.

I wish you well with your studies and in partnership we can achieve rewarding results. To establish that sense of partnership, I hope to meet you personally to discuss your study program as you progress through your studies.

Thank you for your decision to join Holmes Institute.

Professor Peter Schmidt

Chair of the Academic Board