Higher Education


The Holmes Institute Teaching and Learning Plan 2020-2023 (T&L Plan), builds on the Teaching and Learning Plan 2016-2019, focuses on achieving excellence in teaching and learning by applying five principal goals:

  1. Produce work-ready graduates who are imbued with the attributes set out in Holmes' Graduate Attributes Design and implement courses that are industry aligned through evidence-based benchmarking
  2. Develop an environment where staff are engaged, capable and accountable in the delivery of contemporary discipline-based education incorporating teaching best practices
  3. Strive for the highest standard of education quality utilising new approaches and technologies to support learning
  4. Inform teaching, assessment, and unit design through effective student feedback mechanisms including evidence-based processes to improve student performance indicators

Each of the goals has performance indicators contributed to by various initiatives. The initiatives are continually proposed by Holmes various stakeholders and implemented by senior management. The initiatives are continually evolving based on the needs of students, the changing educational environment and industry demands.

The Teaching and Learning Plan 2020-2023 is complemented by the Holmes Student Engagement and Support Plan (2020-2023). This plan includes the following objectives:

  1. Provide high-level leadership, policy and planning with systems and processes that promote academic support initiatives
  2. Ensure that successful transition into courses of study is achieved through orientation programs that are tailored to the needs of student cohorts and include specific consideration for international students adjusting to living and studying in Australia
  3. Establish systems and processes to ensure students understand the importance of maintaining academic integrity whilst striving to maintain their academic potential;
  4. Promote excellence in student experience
  5. Support the health and wellbeing of students by creating and maintaining healthy organisational, learning, cultural and social environments whilst embracing diversity and inclusion
  6. Promote student engagement in career development activities
  7. Provide timely and effective processes for managing grievances and complaints.

These two Plans set the targets to ensure Holmes to continuously improves the academic outputs and to enhance students personal and study experience in their lifecycle with Holmes and help students achieve their academic success.