Higher Education


The Holmes Institute Teaching and Learning Plan 2013-2016 (T&L Plan) builds on the Teaching and Learning Plan 2013-2016 which focuses on achieving excellence in teaching and learning by applying five principal goals:

1. Providing student satisfaction with teaching and subject content; producing work-ready graduates

2. Promoting and supporting innovation, scholarship and technology in teaching and learning

3. Improving student progress and attrition rates

4. Promoting scholarship amongst the academics with collaborative student business capstone research projects

5. Regular training in using innovative online technologies to develop and teach courses

The current 2016-2019 T&L Plan was passed by Academic Board on 26 November 2015. The T&L Plan incorporates relevant performance indicators from the QILT surveys: Student Experience Survey (SES) and Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS). In particular the T&L Plan focuses on improving satisfaction of current students in regards to learner engagement, quality of teaching and student support. The focus is also on improving learning resources through more online resources, teaching spaces, computing and library resources. Holmes is also committed to developing student skills in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and independent learning to achieve work-readiness.

Holmes is continuing to implement various programs started with the 2013-2016 T&L Plan. The First Year Task Force (FYTF) which has focused on reducing attrition rates; student workshops have been conducted in the areas of time management, critical thinking and balancing work and study; workshops have been conducted to train students to use technologies such as the Self-Check feature of Safe-Assign to understand how to properly reference their assessments. In addition the E-Learning Advisory Group (e-LAG) committee has implemented and is monitoring the flipped classroom model at Holmes. Weekly meetings with the academic staff through the e-Learning Hub have been introduced to train staff on how to develop and use these new interactive online models and resources.

The T&L Plan 2016-2019 will continue to build on these initiatives by monitoring and improving the adoption of the flipped classroom model and incorporating more interactive online courseware. Holmes is also focused on scholarship amongst its academics with many of its academic staff encouraged to produce more research publications through the supervision and collaboration of MBA and MPA students undertaking Business Capstone projects. The plan is for Holmes to present these research projects as workshops in collaboration with other higher education providers. There are also plans for the introduction of an online research journal for these projects.