Higher Education

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many units do I need to study for my Degree?

Students wishing to study for a Bachelor Degree must complete 24 units and for a Master Degree, students must complete 12 units. At Holmes Institute students can study three trimesters per year by taking the optional Summer Trimester. This allows students to fast track their degree.

How big are classes at Holmes Institute?

When studying at Holmes Institute, you will generally experience small class sizes. Small classes allows students to engage with their lecturer and fellow students. However in some lecture situations in units in which all students are enrolled, students will attend the large lecture theatre. Tutorials usually consist of a smaller number of students to ensure that each student has the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the activities and exercises.

Who studies at Holmes Institute?

Students at Holmes Institute come from all over the world which makes the Holmes experience truly international. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, some direct from high school and others have been in the workforce for some time. However, students are open minded, respectful to their fellow students and seek opportunities to share their knowledge with others.

Who are the lecturers at Holmes Institute?

Faculty members at Holmes Institute bring to the classroom a wide range of expertise and experience. Most of our lecturers have worked in universities in Australia and overseas. Faculty are well qualified academically. In addition, many faculty also have experience working for multinational companies, government and both in Australia and overseas.

Can I study any units that I want to?

You have some freedom to choose the units you want to study. However, at the first year level you will study foundation units as these provide the grounding for you to progress in your course. Some units also have so-called prerequisites, that is, you need to have studied certain units first before you enroll in other units.

How many hours of class per unit every week?

Each unit has two hours of lectures and one hour of tutorial each week.

How long is a trimester?

Each trimester consists of twelve weeks of study, a study week for the exams followed by the examinations.

Can I contact my lecturers?

You can always contact your lecturers in class and/or during their designated consultation hours. In addition, you can contact your lecturer via email.

Do I need to attend all classes?

We strongly recommend that students attend all classes, that is, lectures, tutorials and workshops. However, while attendance is not compulsory students are required to submit all pieces of assessment and participate in accessed tutorial activities as required.

Can I change my units, how would I do that?

If you want or need to change a unit, you need to fill in the Unit Variation Form and submit this form to the Higher Education Coordinator on your campus who needs to approve the change of unit. Please note that you cannot change without penalty any units later the census date which appears in the academic calendar.

I want to change my course. What do I have to do?

If you want to change your course, for example, from Bachelor of Business to Bachelor of Professional Accounting, you need to fill in the Change of Course Form and this needs to be approved by the Course Coordinator and/or the Associate Deans on the campus. A fee applies for this application to change courses.

Will I need to purchase a textbook for the units I study?

Yes, if a textbook is prescribed it will be indicated in your unit outline.