About Faculty & Staff

The teaching staff at Holmes Secondary College are all well qualified within their given teaching areas, bringing a range of experiences and expertise, particularly in working with international students. The structure of the school begins with the Principal who is assisted by the Program Manager as well as the Curriculum Coordinator, and then the various classroom teachers whose job it is to deliver the given curriculum.

All staff are there to assist students in their study and help each one to develop academically and personally in their attempt to realise their full potential. This relationship is built upon mutual respect and it is the school's aim to provide an environment that is nurturing, harmonious and highly productive. It is important that each student is respectful of the knowledge and expertise that each staff members brings to the school and they can expect teachers to assist them in every way possible, both in and out of the classroom.

Unlike some other schools, students and staff are on a first name basis. In this friendly environment you can look forward to developing and enjoying a strong bond between staff members and their peers.

Faculty & Staff
David MustafaRohini Ram
Patricia DeMarcoStephen Bet
James RhodeThuy Dung Le
Ashe HumphriesNatalie Liddell
Vian NguyenMiao Foster
Sally LuJanet Tierney
Despina EfthyvoulouLydia Ooi
Komal Khatri