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Many students undertake postgraduate study to increase the potential of their degree to secure employment. Not only does postgraduate study enhance your knowledge and skills it also improves your capacity to transfer your skills to a wide variety of settings, this capability is particularly sought by employers.

Transferable skills of postgraduate students

People skills

Task skills

Self management skills

International perspective

Quality focused
Project focused
Ability to conceptualise and problem solve

Research skills
Ability to synthesise
Ability to create and implement ideas

Other qualities that postgraduate study develops include: professionalism, resilience, resourcefulness, patience, team work, time management and autonomy.

For first degree holders postgraduate study can offers the chance to pursue research and enter the world of work at a higher salary level than your contemporaries who hold a bachelor degree. Post graduate study also offers opportunities to acquire training and skills relevant to the work of work.

As university numbers expanding competition for graduate employment is increases. Including a post graduate degree of your curriculum vitae may make all the difference to respective employers.