Fees & Start Dates

Year 11 & Year 12$17,900 per year  


Intake Dates
Term 1: February 6th -  March 31StTerm 1: January 30th  -  April 7th
Term 2: April 18th  -  June 30th Term 2: April 26th  -  July 1st
Term 3: July 17th  -  September 22nd Term 3: July 17th  -  September 22nd
Term 4: October 9th  -  December 1st Term 4: October 9th -  December 8th


High School Preparation
1 - 4 weeks
5 - 12 weeks$375
13 - 23 weeks$360
24 - 35 weeks$350
36+ weeks$345


Additional High School Preparation Fees
1 to 10 weeks$100
11 weeks or more$100 plus $10 per week with a maximum of $380 per enrolment

Re-enrolments beyond 40 weeks will be considered a new enrolment and incur a materials fee appropriate to length of new course.

Ancillary Fees 2017

Service Fees
Enrolment Fee: Student Visa
Enrolment Fee: Tourist Visa$100
MaterialsFrom $80
Airport Transfer Service$150 (one way) - fee not applicable in Cairns
Homestay placement and support fee$250 - once only
Late Payment Fee$110


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
Per month$55.00
Up to 3 months$165.00
Up to 6 months$330.00
Up to 9 months$469.00
Up to 12 months$609.00
Up to 24 months$1,260.00
Up to 36 months$1,890.00


Homestay Accommodation (minimum one week)
Over 18s - Sydney & Melbourne$300 (per week)
Under 18s - Sydney & Melbourne$315 (per week)
Single nights$50 (per night)
Under 18s Care Provision service - arrangement fee$280 (once only)
Under 18s Care Provision - weekly fee$65 (per week)

For students on packaged courses with consecutive COEs the second and subsequent COEs will incur a $1,500 non-refundable deposit.

Students on a Student Visa MUST be enrolled in a full-time course.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and are inclusive of GST where applicable. Course availability is subject to minimum numbers. Information correct at the time of printing. Holmes Institute reserves the right to change course structure, content or fee scales any time without notice. It is expected that there will be a 5% to 8% increase per year.

Secondary School Orientation

Orientation for students takes place at the beginning of each term. New students are given an overview of the school with information that is supported by the distribution of Student Information Booklets & Student Study Planner. Course Overviews are discussed leading to subject choices and the allocation of timetables. Students are then introduced to both the teaching and administrative staff and then provided with a tour of the campus.