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Graduate Diploma in Business (GDB)

The Holmes Graduate Diploma in Business is a shorter version of the MBA comprising just eight subjects in total which can be completed in two semesters. The Graduate Diploma subject choices are identical with the MBA.  It offers is an intermediate exit point from the MBA for those students unable to commit to three trimesters of study.

Objectives of this Course

This post-graduate course encapsulates the knowledge and skills demanded in the globalised business environment of today. It is designed for both aspiring managers and people currently employed in business or management.

The course can be completed in 1 year of full study or 2 years of part time study. On completion of this course, there is the guaranteed pathway into the Holmes Master of Business Administration (MBA) which can be completed in just a further 6 months of full-time study, or over a year part-time.

The course has a strong business focus on the practising manager. Our faculty are academically well qualified with industry and teaching experience. faculty have also taught in universities in Australia and overseas.

The Study Program

The program will provide you with the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to explain and discuss essential principles and practices of business. These are delivered through the core subjects in business and management. 

The core curriculum develops your understanding and ability to interpret financial statements and marketing plans, analyse markets, read audit reports and develop business plans.

Knowing how to read financial statements is important during the evaluation of a vendor's financial standing. Knowing how to interpret marketing plans and conduct a market analyse will help you identify a vendor's strengths and overall strategies.

On completion of the Holmes Graduate Diploma you will have developed a broad business mindset.

Course Structure and Content

Students may elect to exit the MBA after two study periods having qualified for the Graduate Diploma in Business award, which consists of 32 credit points (8 subjects x 4 credit points each). Seven core subjects must be completed plus one elective subject chosen from anywhere in the MBA.

Graduate Diploma in Business
HI 5001Accounting for Business Decisions
HI 5002Finance for Business
HI 5003Economics for Business
HI 5004Marketing Management
HI 6005Management and Organisations in a Global Environment
HI 6006Competitive Strategy
HI 6007Statistics and Research Methods for Business Decisions
ElectiveChoose one subject from twelve options


Course Location
Gold Coast