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Bachelor of Fashion Business (BFB)

As the fashion industry continues to grow in importance, it requires highly skilled individuals who understand how the fashion industry works. This course places emphasis on the business and commerce at the heart of the fashion industry.

The study of fashion and business in a contemporary context reflects changes to industry-working practices to ensure closer alignment of fashion and business.

Fashion product knowledge is reframed to better integrate design and aesthetics with management and business concepts, embedding themes of contemporary fashion industry studies, fashion product knowledge, retail and consumer relations and management and leadership in the fashion industry.

This course examines how fashion ideas become fashion products and how these concepts reach the consumer. It explores the enterprises and businesses involved in this creative process along with the associated selling and promotion fields of the fashion industry.
The course aims to provide students with the confidence and skills to create, communicate and thrive in the highly competitive fashion business environment. 

The Bachelor of Fashion and Business covers all aspects of the international fashion industry - with studies that will develop creative, technical, organisational and business knowledge and skills. The course analyses the history and theory behind the trade, design and communication within the fashion industry. It also examines future fashion production and promotion methods where students will develop the skills to manage costs, timelines and ethical issues impacting upon the fashion industry.

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Course Structure and Content

Year 1
HF1201Fashion Industry Analysis
HF1002Fashion Textile Products
HF1003Fashion Consumer Analysis & Behaviour
HF1004Business Communication Strategies
HF1205Cultural History of Fashion as Aesthetic Economy
HF1204Principles of Fashion Management
HF1206Fashion Product Management and Accounting
HF3012Fashion Elective; Fashion Illustration


Year 2
HF2210Fashion Brand Management in the Aesthetic Economy
HF2203Buying & Financial Decision-making
HF2208Ethical and Legal Fashion Business
HF2205Fashion Product Development Strategies
HF2206Visual Merchandising and Stock Management
HF2207Fashion Marketing Strategies
HF2202Sustainable Sourcing and Supplying Fashion Products
HF3013Fashion Elective; Styling


Year 3
HF3001Major Project 1 – Research & Development
HF2208Ethical & Legal Fashion Business
HF3203Financial Data Management & Specialised Software
HF3204Micro & Macro Economical Strategies for Fashion
HF3002Major Project 2 – Integrated Business Plan
HF3206Creative Collaboration in the Fashion Industry
HF3207Integrated Strategic Management
VariousBusiness Elective; Marketing, Accounting, Business


Admission Criteria and Procedures
Admission Criteria and Procedures 2017


Course Location