Higher Education

Dr Afrooz Purarjomandlangrudi




Qualification abbreviations

PhD, MsC, BsC


Dr. Afrooz Purarjomandlangrudi is a Senior Lecturer at Holmes in Information System program. Prior to that she was lecturing at Victoria University Business School. She undertook her Master of Engineering at QUT and PhD in Information Systems at Griffith University.

Teaching areas

  • Business intelligence and knowledge management
  • Human computer Interaction
  • System analysis and design
  • Information system project

Research areas

  • Technology for learning
  • Student Online Interaction and Engagement
  • Educational Serious Games
  • Machine learning and AI

Refereed Publication

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Conference Papers

“Utilizing Serious Games for Learning and Teaching in Tertiary Sector: Case of Information Technology Subjects” International Conference on Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICRSET’2013) Nov. 13-14, 2013 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

“Area recognition in remote sensing image based on fuzzy system “, ICEAST 2007 conference, Bangkok, Thailand

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