Higher Education

Dr Mahmoud Bakkar




Qualification abbreviations

PhD in Business Information System – School of Business IT and Logistics
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University 2013-2016 - Melbourne – Australia
Master in Information Technology Management  
University of Wollongong 2010-2012 - Melbourne – Australia
Bachelor of Computer Engineering  
Jordan University of Science & Technology 1998 – 2003


Dr. Mahmoud Bakkar is an innovative person that would like to have a challenging career that will encourage growth, Mahmoud enjoy problem solving and working with people. He have extensive experience in teaching and training in UAE.  Also have a great knowledge of business development, management and leadership. Currently works as a lecturer at Holmes Institute in Melbourne. Mahmoud holds further certifications in IT industry such as OCA (Oracle Certified Administrator), MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist), CTP (Certified Training Professional), ICDL (International Computer Driving License). Mahmoud has previously held academic positions as IT instructor in Higher College of Technology, in UAE-Dubai.  Also, held IT industry positions in Philips Middle East and worked as SIEMENS Customer Support Engineer in UAE- Dubai. Due to his passion with item response theory, Mahmoud recently initiated the Melbourne Rasch Model Group (MRMG) in the Research Gate social networking site.

Research and Teaching interest and areas

Research Interest
IT/IS capabilities, Data Mining; Big Data; Business Analytics; Cognitive Computing and their application in Business; Health and Education; eBusiness; Digital Business; Intelligent Systems; Decision Analysis; Optimization; Evolutionary Computing; Human-computer Interaction; Digital Business; Information Systems Development & Design; IT Innovation & Management; Cloud Computing; Cyber Security, IT in Education, Information Systems Security, Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing, New Developments in ICT, ICT for Education, Knowledge Measurement, Assessment Measurement, Social Networks and Media.

Teaching Area
Computer science and engineering:
Basic computer skills, computer networks, programming languages, databases, software engineering, systems development, web programming and development, mobile application development, systems analysis and design, database design, object oriented analysis and design, database design and use, fundamentals of operating systems and programming, overview of network Security, overview of internetworking, networked application management.

Business IT: e-commerce, principles of e-Business, business analysis, business information systems, statistics for business, IT and business strategy, decision support systems and intelligent systems, IT for business, sustainability and IT practice, business intelligence and knowledge management.
Management: Management of change, managing people organization, information system management, strategic management, operation management, information technology governance and change management, information systems project management, strategic information systems management, strategy and governance.

Research: Business research methods, business capstone project/minor thesis


IEEE Victoria section

Refereed Publications

Bakkar, M. (2016), ‘An Investigation of Mobile Healthcare (mHealthcare) Training Design for Healthcare Employees in Jordan’, PhD thesis, RMIT University, http://researchbank.rmit.edu.au/view/rmit:161776

BAKKAR, M. N. & McKAY, E. 2014. Investigating mHealth Education and Training for the Health-Care Sector. mHealth Multidisciplinary Verticals, 317.

Watfa, Mohamed K., Nima Najafi, and Mahmoud Bakkar. "Targeted Online Marketing using Social Networking." International Journal of Online Marketing (IJOM) 3.3 (2013): 37-50.