Higher Education

Dr Osama Dandash





Senior Lecturer

Qualification abbreviations

PhD, MEng, MNetComp, BCompSc, DipIT


Dr. Osama Dandash is a Senior Lecturer at Holmes in Information System program. He undertook his Master in smart card payment security and PhD in Internet banking fraud prevention and detection studies at Monash University.

Teaching areas

  • Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Security
  • Wireless Networks and Security
  • Strategic Project Management

Research areas

  • Fraud in Internet banking system
  • Dynamic and group key schemes
  • Biometrics and smart card technologies
  • Cyber Security


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H. H. Ngo, O. Dandash, B. Srinivasan, and C. Wilson, "Formal Verification of a Secure Mobile Banking Protocol," Advances in Networks and Communications, vol. 132, pp. 410-421, 2011.