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Professor Matthias Muskat





Associate Dean (Academic)

Qualification abbreviations

MA (Trier), GCTE (UC), PhD (Paderborn)


Matthias Muskat is the Associate Dean (Academic) at Holmes Institute. While teaching at universities in Australia, Germany and Austria, Matt has published in the areas of management, marketing and tourism. He is a reviewer for marketing and tourism journals and is a member of the editorial team of the International Journal of Marketing Studies.

Prior to joining Holmes, Matt was a Professor in Marketing at MCI Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, and before that an Assistant Professor in Management at the University of Canberra. He remains affiliated with the Sydney School of Business at the University of Notre Dame Australia as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

Teaching areas

  • Marketing
  • Management

Research areas

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Tourism


Book Chapters
Muskat, B., & Muskat, M. (2016). Tourism Development in Australia. In H. Siller & A. Zehrer (Eds.), Entrepreneurship und Tourismus: Unternehmerisches Denken und Erfolgskonzepte aus der Praxis (2nd ed.) (pp. 207–218). Vienna, Austria: Linde.

Theiner, B., & Muskat, M. (2016). Tourismusmarketing im Wandel: Herausforderungen für Familienunternehmen. In H. Siller & A. Zehrer (Eds.), Entrepreneurship und Tourismus: Unternehmerisches Denken und Erfolgskonzepte aus der Praxis (2nd ed.) (pp. 129–138). Vienna, Austria: Linde.

Zehrer, A., Muskat, B., & Muskat, M. (2016). Innovation in Tourism Firms. In E. Innerhofer & H. Pechlaner (Eds.), Competence-Based Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism (pp. 81–94). Farnham, Surrey, UK: Gower.

Bouvain, P., Muskat, M., & Muskat, B. (2011). Word-of-mouth amplified – An exploration of hotel customer feedback websites. Dialogmarketing Perspektiven 2010/2011 (pp. 21–52). Wiesbaden, Germany: Gabler.

Muskat, M., & Quack, H. D. (2006). The demographic change in Germany – Implications on tourism and leisure activity of aged people in the year 2015. In K. Weiermair, H. Pechlaner & T. Bieger (Eds.), Time Shift, Leisure and Tourism – Impacts of Time Allocation on Successful Products and Services (pp. 305–316). Berlin: Erich Schmidt.

Refereed Journal Articles
Muskat, B., Muskat, M., & Zehrer, A. (2017). Qualitative interpretive mobile ethnography. Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research (online before print). DOI: 10.1080/13032917.2017.1396482.

Muskat, B., Muskat, M., & Richardson, A. (2014). How do Europeans travel in Australia? Examining cultural convergence in travel behaviour. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 20(1): 55–64. DOI: 10.1177/1356766713490164

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Muskat, B., Muskat, M., & Blackman, D. (2013). Understanding the cultural antecedents of quality management in tourism. Managing Service Quality, 23(2): 131-148. DOI: 10.1108/09604521311303417

Muskat, M., Blackman, D., & Muskat, B. (2012). Mixed methods: Combining expert interviews, cross-impact analysis and scenario development. Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 10(1): 9–21. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.2269508

Conference Proceedings
Zehrer, A., Muskat, B., & Muskat, M. (2015). Influencing factors of tourism SME innovation. TTRA Conference, Service Innovation and Experiences in Tourism. Innsbruck, Austria, 22–24 April 2015.

Zehrer, A., Muskat, B., Muskat, M., & Peters, M. (2014). Corporate innovation in tourism – A study on enablers of innovation in tourism companies. Conference Proceedings of CAUTHE 2014, Tourism and hospitality in the contemporary world: Trends, changes and complexity (pp. 1238–1241). Brisbane, Australia, 10–13 February 2014.

Zehrer, A., Muskat, M., & Muskat, B. (2013). Evaluating service experiences through mobile ethnography: The supplier’s point of view. SDT 2013, Ringling College of Art and Design. Sarasota, FL, 7–9 November 2013.

Muskat, M., Muskat, B., Zehrer, A., & Johns, R. (2013). Mobile ethnography as an emerging research method. British Academy of Management 2013 Conference, Managing to Make a Difference. University of Liverpool, UK, 10–12 September 2013.

Johns, R., Muskat, B., & Muskat, M. (2013). Conceptualising Social Media: A new understanding of the literature through the 8Cs of Social Media. In A. M. Doherty (Ed.), Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing UK: Marketing Relevance. University of South Wales, Pontypridd, Wales, 8¬–11 July 2013.

Zehrer, A., Muskat, B., Muskat, M., & Johns, R. (2012). Service design in tourism: Examining the museum experience. Service Design in Tourism, 1st International Conference. Innsbruck, Austria, 23–24 August 2012.

Bouvain, P., Muskat, M., & Muskat, B. (2012). Customer feedback – whom do we trust? An exploration of trust, feedback and ‘co-creation of meaning’ on online travel booking sites. LCBR European Marketing Conference. Munich, Germany, 9–10 August 2012.

Bouvain, P., Muskat, M., & Muskat, B. (2011). “There was a cockroach in my room” – An analysis of customer feedback on hotel booking websites as an example of co-creation of meaning. 7th Global Brand Conference of the Academy of Marketing‘s SIG in Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation. Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK, 5–7 April 2011.

Muskat, B., & Muskat, M. (2010). A comparative study of the inbound Europe international visitor profile in Australia – A mapping analysis of visitor travel profiles. In M. Orams, M. Lück, J. Poulston & S. Race (Eds.), Proceedings of the New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference, 2010 (p. 508). Auckland, New Zealand: AUT University, 24–26 November 2010.

Muskat, M., & Quack, H. D. (2004). The demographic change in Germany – Implications on tourism and leisure activity of aged people in the year 2015. Leisure Futures Conference. Bolzano, Italy, 10–12 November 2004.

Peer Reviewer

  • European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conferences
  • British Academy of Management (BAM) conferences
  • Current Issues in Tourism (CIT)
  • Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (JHTM)
  • Journal of Vacation Marketing (JVM)
  • International Journal of Marketing Studies (IJMS)