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Student Profile - Xiao Fei (Fay)


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Personal Information

Student Given Name

Xiao Fei (Fay)


VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning




July 2010



Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements: Completed the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Senior) at Holmes Institute, Sydney.



Academic successes

Accepted to do a Diploma of Accounting leading on to a Bachelor of Accounting.

General study comments

I came to Australia in 2008, and first studied 30 weeks of High School Preparation English, and then went into Year 11. I could have finished Year 11, but after two terms, I decided to change to VCAL

I finished Year 11 in 2 terms, and then I finished VCAL in 3 terms, instead of 4. All my friends are still at high school doing HSC, but I have already started my diploma, which is equal to the first year of university. I have saved lots of time and money!

VCAL is not difficult academically, but you have to keep working consistently. You also need to ask the teachers questions. They know what is necessary, so I always asked them lots of questions and got advice from the teachers before starting a task. Also, I advise students to do their homework consistently.

You need to be hard working, and you need to be responsible for yourself. Now that I am doing a diploma, I can see that VCAL is actually a good way to prepare for your independent study at a diploma or university level . It teaches you to be responsible for yourself and you learn not to need the teacher all the time to tell you everything.


Work History

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How did you find your studies?

VCAL taught me to be an independent learner, to be able to manage my time.

Comments about Holmes Institute

VCAL at Holmes was a way to save both time and money. I finished senior high school in just over one year. All my friends are still doing HSC!

Use your teachers as a resource. They know the answers; they know what you need to do to succeed. Get their advice before you start on a task. It is more efficient.