About the Campus


The Melbourne campus is located in one of Australia's most recognised cities as it continues its top ten ranking as the world's best. As one of the most multicultural of environments in Australia it boasts a diversity of cuisines, outdoor lifestyle, wonderful parks, cultural activities to please every taste.

The campus is equipped to provide facilities that look to enhance the student experience in every facet of their learning and in engagement across its many programs. In spacious lecture rooms, multiple computer labs, expansive library and a generous common room area, students can enjoy every aspect of their study experience in this environment for learning. This is further supported through the courses delivered by our dynamic lecturers, library learning resources, fast speed WiFi accessible from all areas.

The Melbourne campus has a most comfortable and welcoming Student Services area at its entrance to assist the needs of all, with meeting rooms in close proximity for either scheduled meetings with lecturers or any one of the support team.

Campus Facilities